President's Letter

Welcome to the Pine Tree Country Club Estates web site. This site has been designed to provide on-line information, affecting both individuals and the community. It is one of many efforts oriented toward encouraging increased home owner involvement and participation in planned and on-going community activities.

Please note two important paragraphs contained in the "Pine Tree Country Club Estates Agreement of Consent and Declaration of Restrictions", a document you signed at closing. Attention is directed to paragraphs 2 and 3.

The undersigned, as the present owner(s) of the property above described, affirm(s) that the undersigned has/have read and understood the By-laws of the Pine Tree Country Club Estates, formerly known as the Pine Tree Improvement Association, Inc., such By-laws adopted December 18, 1974, amended and restated April 10, 1991 in official Record Book 6795, Pages 768-789, Public Records of Palm Beach County, Florida.; further amended and restated May 17, 2007 in official Record Book 21745, Pages 966-971, Public Records of Palm Beach County, Florida.

The undersigned, as present owner(s) of the above referenced property, hereby subject(s) said property to the protective covenants, restrictions, reservations, servitude, easements, agreements and any other requirements as set forth in said By-laws, as amended from time to time.